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Paul Wolff GmbH at the IFAT 2016 in Munich – New ideas for municipalities, architects and the real estate and waste management industries.

Mönchengladbach/Ditzingen, 30/5/2016 Collecting garbage and recyclable materials means protecting resources and reclaiming raw materials. In the face of worldwide trends of urbanization and increasing population density, architects, housing developers, and municipalities are relying more than ever on intelligent waste management systems that do their jobs efficiently and inconspicuously and also save space.

Industry visitors to IFAT 2016 in Munich will find a selection of various waste collection systems that offer customers elegant and durable solutions for every purpose at Paul Wolff GmbH (stand 327, hall B2).

A step above
Paul Wolff GmbH will present the new 240 and 1100 series for the first time. These models enable the real estate industry and municipalities – but also private real estate and home owners – to step into the company’s high quality program. The new model fulfills the increasing requests for durable, high quality, and readily available container boxes – and all of this for a lower price than the earlier entry-level models.

Underground Systems
Paul Wolff has developed an underground system, the U-Select series, especially for the inconspicuous and efficient collection of waste in confined city spaces. Waste and recycling containers disappear completely underground; only the disposal housing is visible. Thanks to its high quality design, it can be well integrated into sophisticated interiors. The model variants on display, Excellence, Premium, and Superior will offer industry visitors an impression of Paul Wolff’s high quality workmanship and bold designs.

ProCount – “Trash goes online”
The digital garbage cost distributor recognizes the individual chip transponders of the respective operators, measures the amount of waste deposited, and sends that data to an online central data processor at a billing center. “In this way we are transferring the ‘internet of things’ thoroughly onto the collection of trash,” says Dr. Hanns Menzel, CEO of Paul Wolff GmbH. “ProCount rewards the separation of recyclable materials.” In this way, for example, ancillary costs in large residential buildings can be assigned and calculated exactly according to usage. “ProCount is our contribution to better accounting: thriftier users can aim for cost benefits thanks to ProCount – and our environment profits from a reduced trash volume,” adds Dr. Hanns Menzel.

Paul Wolff 240 and 1100 series, U-Select

The new entry-level model of the 240 series for 2-wheeled containers up to a volume of 240 I has high quality features such as lever locks, a closing system, and stainless steel bumpers.

Paul Wolff developed the underground system U-Select for particularly inconspicuous and efficient collection of garbage and recyclable material. Thanks to its high-quality design, it can be well integrated into sophisticated interiors.

The bold style as well as the duplex coated doors, flaps, and covers of the new 1100 series are signs of design and quality. If desired, Paul Wolff can equip the new devices with the innovative ProCount System for exact measuring of garbage costs.