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Long-lasting, a bold design, and worth the price: models 240 and 1100 open the doors for the customer to the highest class in garbage collection and container boxes.

Mönchengladbach/Ditzingen, 30/5/2016 First class quality, affordable prices, long lifetimes, and short delivery times –this is what customers expect of modern waste containers and container boxes. On the basis of an extensive market study, Paul Wolff GmbH developed the new 240 and 1100 series. This series helps them pursue a particular goal: enabling customers from the real-estate industry and municipalities as well as private property owners to take their first steps into the Paul Wolff GmbH’s high quality program for garbage collection systems as well as for safety boxes and deposit lockers.

"For over 60 years the name Paul Wolff has stood for intelligent solutions and the highest quality," says Dr. Hanns Menzel, CEO of Paul Wolff GmbH and great-grandson of the company’s founder, Paul Wolff. “With the new series, we have found an intelligent way to achieve quality at an affordable price. Three things helped us to do this: simplifying the variant variety, optimizing the production process, and improving delivery times.” With that, this family business has created an entry-level product that is long-lasting, high-quality, and readily available – and all of this for a lower price than the earlier entry-level models.

The new and inexpensive basic models carry the unmistakable signature of products from the house of Paul Wolff. The bold designs and the duplex coated doors, flaps, and covers meet the highest demands for design and quality. The duplex coating, a combination of galvanizing and powder coating ensures the durability of the new 240 and 1100 series. Through the fine workmanship that has produced a thin-walled and frameless body, experts will recognize the advances in prefab concrete construction. In fact, Paul Wolff has invested in the latest manufacturing technology in order the produce high quality products despite optimized material usage.

"We have not skimped on the quality of our entry-level models," confirms Dr. Hanns Menzel. "We lowered our prices by standardizing our product range; we consciously limited the design and features."

The new entry-level models have all of the most features like lever locks, closing systems, stainless steel bumpers, and base cover plates; individual configurations, however, are available only on a limited scale. As customer requests grow, a broader palette of specialized products will be available to meet every need. Thanks to its design, the entry-level model complets harmoniously into an expanded system.

A standardized production process benefits the customer not only because of its lower price but also because of its availability. Paul Wolff GmbH can fulfill the needs of architects, contractors, and private customers more quickly and efficiently. Then experience shows that garbage and container boxes are ordered at the last minute. Additionally, construction companies benefit from our reliable delivery times: as early as three to five days after order placement, the entry-level models leave the factory in order to be delivered at the worksite to be set up or installed.

Paul Wolff models 240 and 1100

Three 240 I bins disappear comfortably behind the duplex coated doors of the 243 model of the new entry-level series. The powder coating on the galvanized undercoat offers a double layer of

protection against corrosion and also provides for exceptional durability.